4 Reasons Chicago Has The Best Sports Fans

Posted On July 24, 2017

Almost every big city in the United States has it’s devoted sports fans, from San Diego to Boston. But one shining city on the coast of Lake Michigan has the best sports fans in the whole world: Chicago. Between their friendliness, their celebrations, their determination, and their faithfulness, there’s no better group of sports fans than Chicagoans.

1.) Loyal


When the Cubs won the World Series in 1908, they didn’t win another for over a century. But, did that deter their dedicated fans? NO. From 1909 to 2016, countless Cubs fans showed up to their games and cheered on their team, even though they didn’t seem likely to win. What other city can say that?


2.) Celebratory


When the Cubs won the World Series last year, Chicago sports fans came together from all over the world to celebrate with a colossal parade and countless victory parties. In fact, this parade was so large, it was the 7th largest gathering in human history! With accomplishments like that, it’s no wonder Chicago sports are so great.

3.) Determined


It’s well known that Chicago can have some awful weather, with icy winters, and cold, wet springs. But that doesn’t stop the city’s sports fanatics from turning up, rain or shine. Whether it’s 95 or 5 degrees, Chicago’s teams can count on their fans.

4.) Friendly 


Unlike other cities with two teams for the same sports, there’s no hatred between Cubs and Sox fans. Instead, there’s a whole lot of camaraderie, friendship, and maybe a dash of healthy rivalry. Truly, there’s no better city in the world for sports than Chicago!

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