Put yourself back in the game.

Since 2004, the WhirlyBall in Vernon Hills has been the place for fun and games in the northwest suburbs. Two WhirlyBall courts, a multi-level lasertag arena and pool tables offer some great competitive options. But remember: Time flies when you’re having fun. So come early!


Perhaps the world’s first mechanized sport, WhirlyBall is ideally played 5-on-5 with a scoop and wiffle ball on a court (about the size of a basketball court) in a souped-up bumper car. Sounds pretty amazing – because it is! It’s okay if you don’t have enough for two teams of 5, but there is a 4-player minumum. MORE INFORMATION AND PRICING


If your WhirlyBall competition ended in a tie on the court, take it to the pool tables for the championship match! However, always proceed cautiously when you hear the words, “Care to make this a little more interesting?” WhirlyBall tokens are used to purchase games on the pool tables.


It’s most definitely not just for kids. Up to 20 players can play at once on two levels of neon intergalactic, zapping, vibrating lasertag fun. There are plenty of obstacles and ramps to keep things challenging and test your strategies. The more the merrier! However, the 4-player minimum applies to lasertag, too. MORE INFORMATION AND PRICING