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Whether you’re planning a 40th birthday party for your wife, a bar or bat mitzvah, kid’s party, or a corporate or private event, WhirlyBall is the place that will meet ALL of your needs…great fun, food and drinks, in an atmosphere where smiling and laughter is contagious!

For a truly memorable party, plan your next event at the one of a kind WhirlyBall!
Offering a premium social experience, each WhirlyBall location provides an exceptional food and beverage program, spacious dining areas, and private and semi-private event spaces to accommodate groups of any size. From friendly competition and entertainment to exceptional food and drink offerings, WhirlyBall provides the perfect venue and customizable packages for all ages. If you already have in mind what you’re looking for, our staff will work with you to make sure all of your party goals are met.

If you’re not exactly sure what you want, rest assured! Our experienced, professional event planners will work with you to plan the perfect party and create lasting memories. Each of our WhirlyBall venues will be a true one of a kind event, no matter what you’re celebrating!


The one thing missing from all your corporate events? Bumper cars. We’re not knocking your other, more dignified affairs. In fact, we can make it as lavish as you like. We just think it’s time to let the crew get out and mix it up a little. When you put your CFO on a WhirlyBall team with three sales guys and a receptionist, you’ll have enough “team building” to go around (and around and around).

Let the event planners at WhirlyBall help you create an event with all the right bells and whistles. With space for big crowds and small, we can provide high-tech A/V, food and beverage, plus as many entertainment options as you could possibly use in a company outing


Becoming an adult at WhirlyBall means one more day of kid-crazy fun. That’s because, along with wild bumper-car action, you’ll get superb food, music & dancing, loads of HD screens to show your montage and have as many of the other activities WhirlyBall offers as you like.


Kids love to be active and competitive together. Why not, they have all that energy! So they love the idea of playing WhirlyBall – or lasertag or bowling if they're not 4'6" – with their friends on that special day. Of course, cake and ice cream and gifts are pretty nice, too.


All the best pre-wedding events and couples showers, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, fundraisers, holiday parties (basically anything that can end with “party”) happen at WhirlyBall. So a simple night out with friends is a real no-brainer! The most difficult part will be deciding what you want to do, eat, and what your drink of the day will be. We’ll help you plan it from start to finish – and help keep it in your budget, too