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Nov 17, 2017

5 Best Places In Chicago To Take A Lunch Break And Not Return

Working hard or hardly working?

During a long, stressful work day your lunch break is a coveted hour, one you should never take for granted. Sometimes you can get wrapped up in the little taste of freedom, and we think that’s just alright alright alright. As a matter of fact, we think you deserve your break! So here are 5 of the best places to take a lunch break in Chicago, and not return to work.

1. Furious Spoon


Hip-hop infused ramen house with a fully stocked bar… Sorry boss man, I’m not returning to work today.

2. WhirlyBall


Expertly crafted lunch menu, over 32 craft beers on tap, bowling, and WhirlyBall, all under one roof. We’d like to see you even try and go back to work.

3. Cheesie’s


This might sound pretty cheesy, but these sandwiches are hard to leave once you get a taste…

4. Scofflaw


A bar dedicated to strong and delicious gin cocktails, with an impressive menu. After 2 of these cocktails you probably shouldn’t return to work anyways.

5. Parson’s


If the sun is shining there is no better place to take lunch than Parson’s. Indoor seating is available but the outside is the spot to be. Picnic benches, bocce ball courts, outdoor beach style bars. Incredible.