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Jan 07, 2018

The 5 Types of Players on Your Team

Most games are played in teams -- basketball, pictionary, the players on your fantasy football team. You can’t win without your team, but that doesn’t mean games don’t bring out the best and worst in others. We’ve broken down the 5 types of players who are bound to show up on whatever team you are playing on.

1. The ultra-competitive player.


We all know that person who takes the game seriously -- a little too seriously. They are in your face and telling you what you need to do better, and they might even throw something at you if you aren’t careful. They are not to be messed with, but having them on your team can help whip you into shape and win the game!

2. The player who never knows what’s going on.


They were MAYBE listening to the rules before the game started. Or maybe that yellow labrador across the street caught their eye and they didn’t even notice the game had started. Now they are just trying to stay quiet and figure out what in the world everyone else on their team is doing. This game is hard to follow, you know, it’s from Europe or something.

3. The peacekeeper player.


This player just doesn’t handle conflict… like at all. They try to brush every play off with a friendly “oops” and the promise of buying someone a beer once the game is over. They are the antithesis of the competitive player, and those two just might end up in their own fight. While the peacekeeper means well, they just don’t understand what it means to be in competition.

4. The player who sticks to the rules.


This player has read the rule book inside and out, and they are not about to let you break a single rule. Everytime they talk, most people are going to roll their eyes. The worst part is that they might even call out their own teammate for breaking a rule so keep an eye out for them before they throw a flag at you.

5. The player who’s there to mess around.


They have the jokes, and they make you laugh. This player’s motivation for coming is to see how many weird dance moves they can do before the game is over. While they don’t take anything seriously, the clown of the group can get rid of any tension in a game and make everyone laugh. They are the king of keeping it to friendly competition!

Which kind of player are you and your friends? We’ve seen them all here at WhirlyBall, and we welcome all rule followers, competitors, jokesters, and the like. So next time you’re in need of some fun competition, get your group over to WhirlyBall and let all of your team members act silly (or seriously).