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Mar 01, 2019

6 Reasons To Love Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza

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Source: Home Chef

There is nothing more iconic to Chicago’s culinary scene than the famous deep dish pizza. Cheesy, full of flavor, and immensely satisfying, it’s the perfect cure for a hangover or heartache (or both, we’ve all been there before).

Some will try to tell you that deep dish pizza is not really pizza, but they’re wrong (so so wrong). It is pizza and, in our opinion, it is the greatest pizza that has ever existed! (Okay, we’re a bit biased but hear us out).

Chicago deep dish pizza is not just food, it’s a life choice. Choosing a deep dish means choosing everything good (and greasy) about human culinary inventions. It means not caring about the calories and only about the happiness of your stomach. It’s all about choosing flavor above aesthetics because aesthetics have never made someone feel happy-full.

So, without further ado (we got a bit carried away there), here are the 6 reasons to love Chicago’s most famous pizza:

1. It was born in Chicago

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Source: Grub Street

And, like everyone around here, we love our beautiful city! Deep dish pizza was created in Pizzeria Uno, back in 1943, and remains, to this day, one of this city’s most delightful inventions.

2. It doesn’t take itself too seriously

Here at WhirlyBall, we’re all about living that chill, fun life. And Chicago’s deep dish pizza is the epitome of that. It’s quite simple and based on just three ingredients: dough, tomato sauce, and cheese.

3. It looks beautiful

Chi Pizza Ima

Source: Visit California

Have you ever seen anything like it? Just looking will make you start drooling!


4. It’s the perfect cheesy goodness

Is there anything else to say? Gooey, delicious cheese is all over this pizza, and we’re here for it!

5. It’s misunderstood

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Source: Smart Destinations

People have dared to suggest this legendary dish is not even pizza! And who are we cheering for if not the most Chicagoan pizza?

6. It’s hardcore

And here in Chicago, we do love a challenge!

So, come join us at WhirlyBall for a night of play, good beer, and deep dish pizza.