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Jan 31, 2020

Best Comfort Food In Chicago

Farmhouse Chicago


Photo courtesy of Farmhouse Chicago

This funky farm-themed restaurant has all the comfort you are looking for! Their mission is to offer approachable Midwestern fare based on locally sourced and sustainable ingredients for your dining pleasure.  Be sure to check out the duck stroganoff and short ribs on their dinner menu, and their weekend brunch is a meal to put on your bucket list with classics like grass-fed steak and eggs and the Farmer’s Breakfast.

Joey G’s Mac n’ Cheese


Photo courtesy Joey G’s Mac n Cheese

They claim to offer Chicago’s best mac n cheese, and they’re not wrong: Choose from comforting classics like cheddar topped with breadcrumbs and chives, or the 7 cheese blend.  Looking for a spicy kick to warm you up?  Check out the Jalapeno mac n cheese or the hot buffalo chicken mac n cheese!

Pearl’s Southern Comfort


Photo courtesy Pearl’s Southern Comfort

Check out the cajun-creole inspired grub at Pearl’s Southern Comfort! You won’t want to miss the Boudin Balls with Boudin sausage, rolled in panko, and lightly fried to perfection with Creole remoulade on the side.  Entree options include Nawlins’ classics like shrimp & grits, Louisiana jambalaya, and blackened catfish.

Chicken and Farm Shop


Photo courtesy Chicken and Farm Shop

Originally founded in London in 2012, the Chicken and Farm Shop expanded to the US and the Chicago location is well-known and loved for serving up rotisserie cooked and fried chicken, locally sourced from a free-range farm. Enjoy your fried chicken by the half or quarter, try the wings, or order the best fried chicken sandwich you’ll ever eat.  Complete the comfort food experience by adding on some southern-inspired sides like collard greens, mac n cheese, and cornbread.

You’ll find plenty of comfort at WhirlyBall, too!  In addition to pizza and gourmet burgers, be sure to check out our fried pickles, chicken wings, and create your own mac n cheese from a variety of options and toppings!