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Aug 23, 2019

How to Squeeze The Most Out of Your Summer in Chicago

Don’t worry. We’re professional WhirlyBall players and we’re here to help you.

Here are the best ways to squeeze the most enjoyment out of your summer in Chicago!

Go to the Renaissance Fair

Knights Fighting

Now we know this is technically in Wisconsin but come on now, Game of Thrones is over, how the heck else can you fill the medieval void left in your life? Exactly! With a trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire, which recreates a port city in the 16th-century which you can call King's Landing ??. You'll find knights fighting, jousting, archery competitions, cornish pastries and “English” accents galore.

Have a lazy day on the beach


The beaches seem to laugh at us in the wintertime but once that calendar hits June the laughing remains as we look at our shirtless body in the mirror, but I digress. Chicago offers some of the best landlocked beaches in the universe which makes it all the more fun to set up a blanket, crack open a few… sodas, and hang with your best buds.

Head to a rooftop bar on the sunniest day ??


There is only one thing that Chicagoans enjoy more than drinking outside... it's drinking outside on a rooftop with breathtaking views of our amazing architecture and world class culture. Pairs beautifully with an artisanal cocktail or delicious craft beer.

Ice cream!


Finally, after sweating your behind off there’s only one thing left to do. Enjoy some ice cream! Fortunately Chicago is filled with flavorful gelato, frosty Italian ice, fancy pants popsicles and cones as big as your appetite. No matter what you are looking for this summer in Chicago, our best in class ice cream shops will give you a much needed sugar rush while keeping you cool and in charge!

And when you’re done with all your outdoor shenanigans drop by WhirlyBall for a pint of craft beer and a game of WhirlyBall or two!