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Mar 08, 2019

The 4 Best Cheap Eats in Chicago

Did you know that you can eat well and cheap in Chicago?

Yeah, we couldn’t believe it at first either. So forget your five-star eateries and expensive Michelin star restaurants, and join us for a virtual tour around Chicago to discover the 4 best cheap dishes in this great city.

The PB&J with a Twist at Café Marie-Jeanne


Source: TimeOut

?? 1001 N California Ave, Chicago

There’s nothing more classic than an old-fashioned peanut butter and jam sandwich. Café Marie-Jeanne is a charming Parisian-influenced café serving one of our favorite childhood staples: the PB&J. Made with two slices of heavenly brioche bread, apricot jam, and peanut butter, this old-fashioned sandwich will be the best $8 you’ll ever spend!

The Timeless Hot Dog at Portillo’s


Source: Yelp

?? 100 W Ontario St, Chicago

There’s nothing more heartwarming on a night out than a good hot dog (especially if that night out involved drinking). The local chain, Portillo’s, knows how to make an authentic Chicago hot dog- juicy and full of goodness. And you know the best part? It only costs $3.19!

Mouthwatering Tacos at Carnitas Uruapan


Source: Carnitas Uruapan Facebook Page

?? 1725 W 18th St, Chicago

If you happen to be craving Mexican food, we’ve got the perfect address for you. Drop by Carnitas Uruapan and try some of their $2.75 tacos. Enjoy their hearty carnitas on top of two freshly made tortillas with some delicious salsa. Believe us, once you’ve had it, you’ll be asking for more!

The Classic Double Cheeseburger at Red Hot Ranch


Source: TimeOut

?? 3057 N Ashland Ave, Chicago

Our final dish is the more-than-perfect double cheeseburger at Red Hot Ranch. This special burger is made out of two thin beef patties with cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, and a special sauce. Head to Red Hot Ranch on Lakeview and try one of the best burgers in the city for $5.20.


And when you’re done fine dining for dollars come on by for a brisk game of WhirlyBall. You will not be disappointed with the selection, taste, or pricing of our food and drink menus.