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Jun 21, 2019

The 5 Best Swimming Spots in Chicago


It doesn’t matter if you’re a beach bum or a swimming-pool fanatic, this list caters to everyone, so keep on reading to find out about the 5 best swimming spots in Chicago.

Hartigan Beach


Source: Thrillist

If you’re not a fan of packed beaches full of families and kids running everywhere, we’d recommend going to Hartigan Beach. Sure, it’s a bit farther than any beach downtown, but the zen atmosphere of the place is definitely worth the trip north to this dazzling Rogers Park spot. And, bonus, there’s plenty of barbecue space here so it’s also perfect for a picnic with your group of friends!

Ohio Street Beach


Source: RootsRated

If you’d like somewhere busier with more activities to do, then Ohio Street Beach is the right place for you. It’s also the perfect spot for people who want to swim to get fit, since this is where triathletes go to train.

Montrose Beach


Source: do321

If you want to swim with your four-legged best friend, Montrose Beach should be your first choice. This spot allows pups to swim with their owners, which makes it the perfect beach for walking your dog and dipping your toes in the water.

And don’t worry, if you don’t want to be around dogs (but really, why?), you can go to the southend of the beach, which is designated for humans only (no extraterrestrials allowed either, what a bummer).

Hamlin Park


Source: do321

If you’re less of a beach bum and more of a pool person, don’t worry, we’ve got the right places for you. One of them is the outdoor pool in Hamlin Park, one of the largest in Chicago. It’s the perfect swimming pool for some morning laps before work.



Source: Thrillist

And, finally, if you’re looking for a pool with more of a bougie vibe, the outdoor Playbar at the West Loop Fitness Formula Club is perfect for you. You can suntan here to your heart’s content while drinking mojitos and margaritas. Talk about a perfect summer day, right?

And when you’re done with your day swimming and taking in the sun, drop by WhirlyBall for some craft beer to cool your body down. We know you want to ;)