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Jan 11, 2019

The 5 Best Ways To Pretend It is Summer in January

1. “The Beach Chicago” at Navy Pier in the Grand Ballroom Jan 19 - Feb 3, 2019


Beach Chicago

Nothing says summer like taking a swim at the beach and now this is possible in January without hypothermia thanks to, design group Snarkitecture who have set up an interactive piece called “The Beach Chicago”, allowing visitors to jump into a great lake of 1 million plus antimicrobial plastic balls.


2. “Chicago Restaurant Week” Jan 25 - Feb 7, 2019


Restaurant Week

Fun fact #1: Chicagoans eat in restaurants all year long. Fun fact #2: It’s hard to tell the weather outside when you’re too busy enjoying the best food Chicago has to offer. That’s why Chicago Restaurant Week is the best way to ignore that pesky winter weather while enjoying dining deals at 395 eateries from January 25 through February 7. Revisit your old favorites Blackbird, The Publican and MFK. Or branch out to new offerings from Marisol, Le Sud or HaiSous. With two weeks of gorging yourself on the best food, Chicago has to offer you’ll be hard pressed to notice it’s snowing again.


3. “No Pants Subway Ride” Jan 13, 2019


No Pants Subway

Normally we would scoff at the idea of riding around the EL sans pantalones but nothing says “summer breeze makes me feel fine” like rockin’ less than adequate outerwear over your legs. That’s why Improv Everywhere's annual No Pants Subway Ride is a must. This pantsless tradition started in New York City and has expanded across the country to other cities with rail-based transportation. But of course, don't forget to bring a pair of actual pants. No matter how hard we try to forget it is still Winter outside.


4. Cubs Convention - Jan 18-20, 2019


Cubs Convention

Nothing says summer like cheering on the Cubbies in Wrigleyville. That’s why you'll be hard pressed to think about winter at this annual convention. Interact with players, coaches, and alumni, while checking out Q&A sessions and interactive exhibits.


5. Chicago Polar Plunge Jan 26, 2019


Polar Plunge

This one might make winter a bit harder to ignore but who cares when you and your best friends are dressed up like it’s Halloween and screaming like the Cubbies just won the World Series! Best of all this frigid tradition raises money for local families in need and that’s great no matter what time of year it is.


With these five, high energy, distracting and fun things to do you’ll be hard pressed to have even a moment of reflection on how cold it is outside.


And you know where else it’s a perfect 72 degrees all year long? WhirlyBall! WhirlyBall is Chicago and Colorado Springs favorite past time regardless of the weather outside featuring multiple WhirlyBall courts, bowling lanes, laser tag, a full bar with high-end cocktails and dozens of the most delicious craft beers on draft, and a chef-driven menu because competing at such a high level does make one hungry and thirsty.


Enjoy every second of life in Chicago and if you find yourself and your friends/office/teammates/etc feeling anything less than toasty give us a call at (773) 486-7777 to reserve a space today and let’s pretend it’s summer together!