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Jun 07, 2019

The 6 Types of Players You Get When You Go WhirlyBallin with Friends

When it’s time for competition, people change, and it sometimes turns into a what could basically be considered a war (that is until you leave the Whirly court and agree to stop being a poor sport and have a craft beer together).


So, keep on reading to find out the 6 types of players your friends turn into when on the Whirly court!

The one who just came for the beer


You know them well. He or she is a beer fanatic, and sure, they’ll play a game of WhirlyBall with you, but what they really want is that first sip of fresh, crisp craft beer that makes them weak in the knees. And they’ll do everything they can to play as fast as they can (or even just give up, people have priorities) to have their beer.

The one who becomes overly competitive


You know the one we’re talking about. You’re just playing Scrabble together and they become SO INTENSE.

Well, with the adrenaline WhirlyBall gives you, this friend becomes much more intense and that makes for a bit too much competition. Best to stay out of their way, because they’re here to win!

The one who’s obsessed with filming the whole thing


For Instagram purposes, because “pic or didn’t happen.” They love documenting their life and just because they’re on a bumper car doesn’t mean they’re giving up any sweet shots for their Instagram story.

The one who’s there just for the fun


They’re chill, they like games, and they’re never a sore loser or a poor winner. Basically, you want to be on this person’s team, because they’ll make playing together much more fun! Well, unless you’re friend #2, then you might want to stay away since your personalities will clash on the court.

The one who wasn’t so sure it’d be fun


And now they’re eating their words, because they’re having so much fun they forgot about all the complaining they did on the way. They just wanted a chill night to drink beer, and they thought WhirlyBall wouldn’t be awesome, but now they’re already asking if everyone is good for another round next week!

The one who’s clumsy


And so, they have to buy a round of beers for the whole team because their clumsiness was their demise. But it’s all good, because beer at WhirlyBall is enjoyed by all types of players, and nothing beats a fresh pint after so much fun.

So, which one of these friends are you? Let us know!