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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you ever wanted to know about the game that is the most fun you can have going 4 miles per hour, WhirlyBall!

Girl on a bumper car playing WhirlyBall with a scoop in her hand.

What is WhirlyBall? 

WhirlyBall is a game that is a combination of lacrosse, basketball, and hockey that is played while riding in souped-up bumper cars, which we call WhirlyBugs™. It’s the most fun you can have going 4 miles per hour!

How do you play WhirlyBall? 

Two teams of five players face off against each other on a WhirlyBall court. Each player uses a scoop to pick up a Wiffle ball from their WhirlyBug™ and either pass to their teammates or shoot at the goal. Each team’s objective is to score a goal from a hanging target (think of a basketball hoop with no rim). Each game lasts a total of ten minutes. The object of the game is to score more goals for your team than the opposing team. The team with the highest score after ten minutes wins. If you have more than ten players, no worries! You can play multiple games during your reserved court time and you can rotate players between games.

what does it cost TO PLAY WHIRLYBALL? 

You can find all of our pricing by going to each locations' page
and click on "pricing."


How old do you have to be to play WhirlyBall?

While there are not any age restrictions per se, you have to be 54" in height in order to play WhirlyBall.

Are there any other restrictions to play WhirlyBall or any other activity?

• You have to be seven years in age in order to play LaserTag.
• People who suffer from cardiac disease, intoxicated persons, pregnant women, and those with major neck or back problems are not permitted to play WhirlyBall.
• Our Chicago location is a 21 and older facility after 7:00 p.m.

Referee showing how to play WhirlyBall with bumper car
People on bumper cars playing WhirlyBall


Are reservations required to play WhirlyBall?

Reservations are strongly encouraged as our spaces are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis and book up quickly. We do accept walk-ins to our facilities during operating hours, as well as online activity reservations a minimum of 3 days out.

How do I book a WhirlyBall Court? What about a bowling lane?

Easy! Just click the Book Now button to start the reservation process.


How many people can play LaserTag at one time?

A total of 30 players can play LaserTag at a time, but players can rotate in and out at the end of each game. Please note that during busier periods, we will need to mix and match groups to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to play. A game of LaserTag lasts a total of 6 minutes. If you have more than 30 players in your group, you can rotate players in between games.

How many people can bowl per lane at one time? 

There is a maximum of 6 players per bowling lane. Players can rotate between games, but only 6 can bowl at one time.

Man holding lasertag gun in green night vision light
Catering buffet table with nachos, pizza, beer, burgers, fries, and wings.


Can you order food and drinks at WhirlyBall?

Yes! All of our WhirlyBall locations feature the Pivot Room, an American Eatery and Craft Beer Bar. We offer a relaxed yet elevated dining experience featuring fresh takes on classic American fare, an expansive rotating craft beer selection, and refreshing signature cocktails. For special events, we have a full event menu and some special event packages that are perfect for any size group.

Can you bring in your own food for your event at WhirlyBall?

Due to health and safety reasons for our guests, we do not allow outside food and beverages to be brought in for your event. The only exception is you may bring in a store-bought birthday cake for your child’s birthday party.

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