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WhirlyBall is the most fun you can have going 4 miles an hour! WhirlyBall combines lacrosse, hockey, basketball, and bumper cars in a game of skill coupled with a touch of chance.  It’s the endorphin-inducing answer to your typical outing! And for those who like variety, select locations offer bowling, multi-level LaserTag, video games, and pool tables.

People playing WhirlyBall


Girl on bumper car with whirlyball scoop


When you arrive at your court, you will be greeted by your referee that will give you the rundown on the rules and safety. The first thing you do is select your scoop. The scoop is used to pick up the wiffle ball and launch it at the target to score a goal for your team. This will be your new favorite accessory, and don’t worry, it looks good on everyone!

Referee showing how to play WhirlyBall with bumper car


After your group picks teams, hop in your WhirlyBug. Our WhirlyBugs are souped up, modified bumper cars that all go 4 mph! This ensures that everyone is on an even playing field. And no, there is no, “fast one.” From the moment you slam your foot on the gas pedal of your WhirlyBug, to the sound of the buzzer, it is non-stop fun.

People on bumper cars playing WhirlyBall


Your first game of WhirlyBall is a timed game that lasts ten minutes. And we promise, it won’t be your last! Each team tries to shoot a wiffle ball at a target that hangs ten feet from the floor (think basketball). No speed, strength, or agility required. In a few minutes you’ll be all smiles and will just remember one much fun you had! Eat.Drink.Game On!


Turn up the competition with a game of LaserTag in our
multi-level arena!  Perfect for groups of all sizes and ages.

Man holding lasertag gun in green night vision light
Bowling alley at WhirlyBall


Keep the good times rolling with our awesome bowling experience! We bring the food and drinks to you, so you can focus on knocking down the pins. Game on!


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Still itching to do more? Check out our pop-up games - we’ve got Ping Pong, Giant Jenga, Cornhole and more!


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