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January 24, 2023

FOX21 Colorado Springs defeats X1039 in Media Brawl at WhirlyBall, a benefit for Inside Out Youth Services

FOX21 Colorado Springs defeats X1039 in Media Brawl at WhirlyBall, a benefit for Inside Out Youth Services

(COLORADO SPRINGS) — FOX21 took home the trophy for the much-anticipated ‘Media Brawl at WhirlyBall,’ on Sunday, Jan. 22, defeating X1039, all for a great cause. All proceeds of the event, which at last check were about $2,500, will go directly to supporting Inside Out Youth Services (IOYS) and its mission.

Sunday’s competition and fundraiser came in response to the recent tragedy at Club Q, and was first coordinated by X1039 and WhirlyBall Colorado Springs.

“We are thrilled to help support and partner with the LGBTQIA2+ communities, specifically Inside Out Youth Services, to help the young people of Colorado Springs and work with them to have a supported and well-taken-care of adulthood,” said Adam Elias with WhirlyBall Colorado Springs.

Liss Smith, Communications Manager for Inside Out Youth Services said WhirlyBall was the perfect venue for the event.

“WhirlyBall is such a fun, weird, delightful concept and it is kind of a hidden gem here on Palmer Park, so we were just really excited to be in this space, enjoy the good food, the good music, the good drinks, and ultimately just play a fun game while we are at it,” said Smith.

Elias said while raising funds for IOYS is important, the awareness WhirlyBall hopes the event can bring to the organization, is vital.

“I work at Inside Out because I grew up queer in Colorado Springs and I had no idea that there was a community out there for me and it was so isolating and being able to be part of this organization means, ensuring at least one other young person doesn’t go through that, and that means the world to me,” said Smith.

FOX21 Evening Anchor Scott Kilbury scored the buzzer-beater, in the hard-fought battle against X1039. Both teams, of course, were great sports through it all!

Smith said IOYS plans to reopen its physical space within the next month or so, as according to the organization’s website, it is temporarily closed.

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